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Fish Farming

We deal in the production of aquaculture products such as fish feed, fish feed production, fish meal, herbal fish supplements, collapsible mobile fish ponds and water purifiers.

Crop Farming

With advanced tech, we are committed to producing vast variety of crops to help battle food shortage in africa at large

What We Offer

Animal Welfare

We raise organic livestock for meat and other products and work closely with regulatory agencies to ensure we meet – and raise – the bar for ethical standards.

Crop Maintenance and Production

We grow various crops organically ranging from local and exotic vegetables, tubers, fruits and herbs


We add value to our agro produce by engaging in sorting, cleaning, processing and packaging, both crop and livestock products for local and international market.

Fish Farming

Crop Farming



Pest Control



About Dimitra Farms

Dimitri Farms is a subsidiary of Osmar farms, dedicated maily to fishries, vegetables and other aspects of livestock and feed production. We currently service, Lekki, Ikorodu, Ibadan, Ogun, Calabar, Kano and Sokoto areas of Nigeria.

Our People

Adamu Isaac

Adamu Isaac, a seasoned agric extentionist from Zaki farms, with over six years experience in Fish production, vegetables production including, cabbage, carrots and other fruits. He  handles all cash crop farms for Osmar farms in Nasarawa mega farms.

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Fish Farming

Crop Farming

Feed Production

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